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Make your laundry cheaper

Updated: May 20, 2019

We all know that washing our clothes is a fact of life, its something that we incorporate into our lives as a necessity, however this can prove to be quite costly especially if you find your machine is used daily. Not only does this mean we are using more energy in washing and drying but the detergents we use can also make washing our clothes expensive. By following these tips you can save yourself £££'s.
1. Cold wash cycle. Heating the water up in the machine costs money and is really unnecessary. Today's detergents are made to clean our clothes even on a cold wash. Washing in cold water is also friendly to the environment an takes less electricity to use.
2. The shorter the better. Use the shortest wash cycle where possible, you'll save time and money by using less electricity
3. Less means more. Try using less than the amount specified on the detergent label, your clothes will still come out clean. Manufacturers rely on consumers using more than they state. REMEMBER the more you use the more you need to buy, using less will make it last twice as long.
4. Time is of the essence. Doing your washing i

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